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 The-Corrupted 317 is back!

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PostSubject: The-Corrupted 317 is back!   Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:18 am

Hello guys, about 2 years ago I made a 317 and closed it so I can make a 562. Turns out that was a mistake so I decided to bring back the old corrupted 317 server, it has majorly improved so I'm sure you will like it, here are some of the features.

instead of the old ::home, ::rockcrabs etc. I decided to add everything to the mage book, here is whats in it.

Boss teleports, options:
King Black Dragon(wildy, will be moved soon)
dagannoth kings
Corporeal Beast(dangerous)
Tormented Demons

Minigames teleport, Options:
Pest Control
Duel Arena
Warriors Guild(also ::whitephat and ::500k just because it wouldn't fit)

Skill Teleports, Options:

That's all the teleport's now onto the basics.

thieving is lacted at home so don't worry, and also there is a quest/minigame at home which when you beat it, it allows you to buy gloves. and the donor pack is pretty nice I'll even put a picture of it, here it is:

also has all the new prayers+working 100%

Once we reach a total of 50 players we will be doing a special event, I wont tell you what it will be you will have to just find out!

PS: also has clan chat, not 100% like runescape but it works perfect.

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The-Corrupted 317 is back!
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