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 Skill Suggestions

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PostSubject: Skill Suggestions   Sat May 01, 2010 5:50 am

Thanks Jakes for the Skilling shop it rules, thanks for adding the whole ::skill place

Different shops for different items
e.g. Nurmof - Mining, Smithing Supplies

::empty command for mining Smile Because we don't need the ores for Smithing.

1. Draconic Visage - I don't think that it should be 23m each...

1. Ourg Bones - Would we be able to up the XP rate per bury, it is currently 4k each.

1. Different types of herbs - Higher XP rate per clean. It is currently 321 each.

1. Uncut Emeralds in the Skilling shop please Smile
2. Uncut Dragonstones in the skilling shop instead of Cut Topaz

1. Rune Ore to mine Smile It only goes to Adamant Smile I want 200m XP for mining but
it is almost impossible on Adamant ore Smile

That's it for now Smile
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Skill Suggestions
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